Your Bike Tour Experience


It’s your bike tour, and it happens at your pace.

We know that not every cyclist or active traveler have the same abilities. That’s why we offer carefully designed tour itineraries that offer a different level of challenge for everyone. Whether you’re an active person who only cycles on your bike tours, or a die-hard cyclist who spends every free hour of your day in the saddle, we’ve got a tour to help everyone understand, just as we do, that biking is the best way to experience travel!

Level One

Average Daily Mileage: 15-30 miles
Average Daily Elevation: 350-1,050 feet

  • Novice cyclists or someone who is active but doesn’t cycle often will find the perfect amount of riding on a level one tour
  • Intermediate cyclists can take advantage of an extra ride or two offered by the guides if they’re looking for some extra adventure.
  • Advanced cyclists can also partake in a couple extra rides, but should anticipate a leisurely pace immersing themselves in the destination and getting to know other riders.

Level Two

Average Daily Mileage: 15-35 miles
Average Daily Elevation: 980-1,610 feet

  • Novice cyclists will want to prepare for the tour with some extra time in the saddle, but can always take advantage of the support van if they need it.
  • Intermediate cyclists will love the rolling routes on a Level Two tour. They may even want to enjoy an extra ride or two.
  • Advanced cyclists will want take advantage of extra rides to get the most riding out of the week.

Level Three

Average Daily Mileage: 15-40 miles
Average Daily Elevation: 1,470-2,380 feet

  • Novice cyclists should spend time doing community rides or taking spin classes before they arrive to fully enjoy their trip. On tour they may need to push themselves or take advantage of the van support.
  • Intermediate cyclists will find a Level Three tour to be the perfect challenge.
  • Advanced cyclists will enjoy the rolling terrain, but will still want to take advantage of extra rides to really sweat.

Level Four

Average Daily Mileage: 50-60 miles, 100-150 miles/week
Average Daily Elevation: 3,500-7,000 feet, 1 hour+ of climbing

  • Novice cyclists are not recommended to join Level Four tours.
  • Intermediate cyclists should commit to serious training in preparation for the trip, but the payoff will be incredibly rewarding. Guides will always be nearby to provide food, water, bike maintenance and performance tips for those who need it.
  • Advanced cyclists will be challenged to push their bodies to new levels and will end the week a stronger cyclist.

Need help deciding which riding level is right for your group? Contact a tour coordinator at 617-776-4441 (888-396-5383) or schedule a call and we will chat when it works best for you.