Your Experience


It’s your bike tour, and it happens at your pace.

DuVine’s carefully designed itineraries include a variety of biking routes at varying levels, equally suited to occasional and competitive riders alike, and can always be adapted to your wants and needs. And when we aren’t riding, your days are filled with activities and plenty of free time to relax by the pool or explore at your own pace. DuVine’s bicycle trips are more than just cycling and we know the importance of never forgetting to stop and smell the flowers – or taste the wine!

Occasional Rider

  • I don’t bike much and wouldn’t consider myself a “cyclist,” but I like the idea of getting some exercise on my vacation.
  • 15 miles without hills is plenty of riding for me. I want some time for the spa and wine tastings. (Less than 750 feet of climbing per day)

Weekend Rider

  • I like to ride on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m comfortable on a bike and not afraid of wearing bike shorts.
  • I’m happy riding 20-40 miles during the day and don’t mind a few shorter hills, but I might need the van for longer ones. (750-1,500 feet of climbing per day)

Active Rider

  • I ride when I can during the week and try to go for longer rides on the weekends. I own cycling shoes and multiple jerseys.
  • I’m happy riding 30-50 miles per day through hilly terrain. Hills are a great way to train, but I can only do so many. (1,000-2,000 feet of climbing per day)

Competitive/Pro Rider

  • Cycling is a central part of my life. I watch the Tour de France every year and wish I were out there with them. I’ve at least considered shaving my legs as a man.
  • I’m happy riding over 50 miles per day and frequently average over 19 mph for two hours.
  • Hills, cols, and summits make me happy. I don’t need support, but it would be nice to have a team car to show the way and provide snacks so I’m not getting lost and eating sweaty energy bars all week. (2,500-6,000 feet of climbing per day)

Need help deciding which riding level is right for your group? Contact a tour coordinator at 617-776-4441 (888-396-5383) or schedule a call and we will chat when it works best for you.