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John + Nell M. Portugal Bike Tour
We thought that the bicycle tour was fabulous. Alex, Pedro, Gerard and Lauren were just superb. They all had so much knowledge about the area and great personalities, and really watched over us to insure our safety and make sure that we all had a fun trip. For the bicycle tour as a whole, the accommodations were great, the food was superb, and the guides were consistently friendly, fun and very skilled on bicycles. We could not have asked for more. I have done a lot of bicycle touring with other groups and this trip was by far the best I have ever been on. Thank you for all of your great service. We are looking forward to our next trip with DuVine.

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Laura L. Zion National Park Bike Tour
Our trip to Zion was sensational. Thanks so much for every detail of the planning and preparation. It was a marvelous trip, and we were so impressed. DuVine customer service is at the highest gold standard, and we cannot wait to take future trips with DuVine!

Tags: guides service

Daniela S. Czech Republic + Austria Bike Tour
It was the best trip of my life! Amazing! I really want to thank Lucas Svarovski and Justin for such a good partnership and enthusiasm!

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Anders L. Tuscany Bike Tour
As usual, the DuVine guides made everything look easy when in reality they are working overtime making sure everyone is having a great time. My compliments for making our eating habits seem like a non-issue. Being gluten intolerant in Italy is problematic and both Alice and Tom make it happen and we ate some wonderful meals. The biking certainly burned off some of the wine calories we consumed. [We] are looking forward to our 5th DuVine trip.

Tags: Diet food guides service support

Sue T. Croatia Bike Tour
First of all, we love the way DuVine travels - no worries for us, all details covered, great hotels, fantastic food and wine, fun and interesting itineraries, flexibility when needed, knowledgeable and personable guides - AMAZING! We have never toured with any other companies but our loyalty to DuVine is fierce because we have been so impressed with every aspect of our travel with you. Now, as for Andro and Mijo, they were not only excellent guides - professional, knowledgeable, confident and in control of all of the details while being able to roll with our family as needed. They truly shared the love of their country and we learned so much from them. Then add to that their personal attributes - they were kind and friendly and fun and caring and polite and respectful - we felt so comfortable with them and we knew there was no question we could not ask. Thank you again for everything!

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