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Audrey R. Verona Bike Tour
WOW, what an amazing trip! The itinerary, the guides, the food, and the wine were all spectacular! Alice and Arien were totally fabulous. They were fun to be with, knowledgeable, kind, and on top of all the details. Borghetto was so charming, and the cooking class at Pastiamo rocked. We had lunch for several hours with Nicola and Illaria and laughed so much while eating his special risotto amarone and tasting every type of wine he produces. All the wineries and people who you took us to meet were so nice, and we really left feeling like we got to know the Italian countryside. Everyone was so friendly. We spontaneously played Bocce and raked olives from a tree with locals along the way. It was just perfect. You run a great team.

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Beth + Bob S. Portugal Bike Tour
We loved the cycling. The routes were both beautiful and a bit technical, and at the end of day five neither of us wanted to get off our bikes. The food and wine were extraordinary--a great blend of traditional and ultra gourmet. It's always a thrill to stay in historic buildings, and we truly appreciate when they are oases of function and beauty. You went above and beyond in making sure our tour included as much Portuguese culture as possible. Perhaps that is the gift that we enjoy the most-- experiencing the Portuguese singers up close, touching the megaliths and joining their historic timeline, standing under the Roman columns in Evora etc. And, as always it's great to make new friends. Our list of world-wide DuVine cycling buddies is getting to be quite long! Who could ask for more? We'll add Portugal's Alentejo to our list of incredible DuVine memories!

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Russel D. Brittany Bike Tour
I have been meaning to email you because I received feedback from Mr. Weese upon his return from Europe, and it was all very positive. They loved everything and are looking forward to booking another trip with you next year. I want to express my sincere thanks to you as well as Sybille for making it so easy to work with you and for understanding my client’s vision for the trip. I have struggled to find a “home” for these bike trips for them, and I believe we have done so with DuVine. I look forward to working with you on the next trip for them and to sending other clients to you in the future as well.

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Sefra Sonoma Bike Tour
We just had the most exquisite time ever! Pat, Zephyr, and Zack couldn't have been more professional and fun! Thank you DuVine for a divine family experience we will cherish always!

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Beth Ann C. Umbria Bike Tour
Davide and Paolo were fabulous. They made our holiday full of memories to last a lifetime. I felt sorry for the guides having to deal with five women, but they rolled with it and we enjoyed every last minute of our trip! This was my second DuVine experience, and I’m looking forward to many, many more.

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