Israel Bike Tour

  • Region: Africa + Middle East
  • Destination: Israel
  • Duration: 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Level: Two
  • Price From: $5995
  • Single Supplement: $1700
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Explore world-renowned sites from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Cycle secret back roads to treasured hidden villages and local goat cheese farms. Climb the quiet roads through Galiliee, the Golan Heights, and the Judean Hills. Our bike tour in Israel will leave you full of wonder as we experience the epicenter of numerous worldwide religions and one of the most historically important and beautiful sites in the world. We’ll indulge in its many culinary delights as well, from intriguing wines that date back to biblical times to fresh herbal salads and soft pita filled with crisp falafel.


Tour by Day

Day One: Welcome to Israel
Shalom! Your guides will greet you at the Tel Aviv or Haifa train station, and the adventure will begin. After a quick bike fitting and logistics talk at the hotel, we’ll cycle off toward the Ein Hod artist colony for a gallery tour and then onto lunch, where we’ll enjoy a sampling of the local wine and beer. Back at the luxurious Carmel Forest Spa, we’ll toast the start of the journey with a delicious selection of the wines and dishes to come during the week.

Meals: Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Carmel Forest, Ein Hod artist colony
Accomplished: 9 miles / 14.5 km

Day Two: Ride to the Mediterranean in Caesarea
Greet the day with a transfer to Zichron Yaakov, an historic town built at the end of the nineteenth-century and home to the oldest wineries in Israel. Partake in a tasting of Tishbi wine and a selection of local cheeses before exploring the town’s beautiful streets and houses. Hop on your bike for a ride to the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, home to spectacular Mediterranean beaches. After touring the town, we’ll enjoy a light picnic on the beach and a dip in the Mediterranean before transferring to our deluxe accommodations in Mizpe Hayamim.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Zichron Yaakov, Tishbi Winery, Caesarea
Accomplished: 15.5 miles / 25 km

Day Three: From Tzfat to Rosh Pina by Way of the Galilee
Embark on a journey to the mystical city of Tzfat, where generations of Jewish scholars have studied the Kabala right at the source. Walk the magical streets of the town, visiting the famous sites and enjoying the local cheese. From Tzfat we will head to the surrounding hills and through the Birya Forest, stopping to visit a Jewish pilgrimage site in the Galilee. Arriving at the Meister Winery, hidden in an ancient Galilee cave, we’ll stop for a tasting of the local wines. We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon in Rosh Pina before another evening of relaxation and great food.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch
Destinations: Tzfat, Ari synagogue and Judaica market, Meister Winery, Rosh Pina
Accomplished: 21.7 miles / 35 km

Day Four: A Day at the Wineries and Kibutz Yiron
Leaving from Tzfat we’ll ride today to the ancient Roman village of Gish and onto the renowned Dalton Winery for a tour and tasting of some of the best wine in the region. We’ll ride north, passing numerous high altitude vineyards on both sides of the road, and next arrive at Kibutz Yiron to enjoy a relaxing lunch over several bottles of Galil Mountain wine in the winery itself. After lunch and a tour of the grounds, we’ll drive toward the Golan Heights, where we will spend the night and dine in a fabulous restaurant in the peaceful kibbutz.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Gish, Dalton Winery, Kibutz Yiron, Galil Mountain Winery
Accomplished: 18.6 miles / 30 km

Day Five: Exploring the Golan Heights
Thanks to its volcanic soil, the Golan Heights is home to some of the best wineries in Israel. Cycling along the back roads of the Golan Heights towards Katzrin, we’ll stop just outside of town at the Golan Heights winery, Israel’s largest winery and a pioneer of new Israeli wine. A full tasting is in order before we continue south. Lunch today is in the Aniam artist colony, where we will also check out the local artwork. Before transferring to our hotel, we’ll visit Galma, an historic fort that was undiscovered until the early 1970s. We’ll explore the remains where the historian Josephus’s account of the battle comes to life before us.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Golan Winery, Aniam Artist Village, Gamala National Park.
Accomplished: 25 miles / 40 km

Day Six: Northern Golan and Jerusalem
The rolling hills and country roads of the Golan Heights have more in store for us today. Heading north to the oak forest surrounding the Odem Winery, enjoy a visit with the Alfasi family that runs the winery. Continue by bike to the village of Masade and stop for a snack at the top of a picturesque climb from which we can see the whole region. Visit Nimrod Fortress, which was built in the twelfth-century to protect the road leading from here to Damascus. Eat lunch in the shade of the medieval fortress before a walking tour of this breathtaking castle and a transfer to Jerusalem.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Accomplished: 21 miles / 34 km
Destinations: Odem Forest Winery, Masada, Nimrod Fortress, Jerusalem

Day Seven: Jerusalem and the Western Wall
Set off into Jerusalem by foot towards the Old City for a full day tour of the city’s historic sites. The center of numerous worldwide religions, Jerusalem is rife with fascinating destinations. Our tour will include the Church of the Holy Sepulture, the Western Wall, the Arab Market, and Mt. Zion, just to name a few.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Old City of Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulture, Western Wall
Accomplished: No Cycling

Day Eight: Jerusalem
One day in Jerusalem isn’t enough, so we’ll take two. Visit the Dome of the Rock where Solomon’s Temple once stood. Walk through the narrow alleys and markets of the old city. Stop to see a little of the new city as well, including the Kneset, Machne Yehuda Market, and Nachlaot. Our tour will end at lunchtime at Jaffa Gate, the historic entry to Jerusalem, where your guides will see you off for your next adventure.

Meals: Breakfast
Destinations: Jerusalem, Dome of the Rock
Accomplished: No Cycling