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Best of the World LogoCycle over gentle hills through unspoiled green and gold landscapes. Explore winding vineyards, rows of gnarled cork trees, and ancient villages perched on hilltops. Marvel at the sights in Vila Viçosa, the marble capital of Portugal and site of the glorious Ducal Palace. Journey through the ages with a stay at the Convento do Espinheiro, a converted fifteenth-century convent, and visits to ancient megalithic sites. Discover quaint pottery shops in Redondo and hand-stitched tapestries in Arraiolos. Culinary delights abound on this bike tour through the breadbasket of Portugal, with grand meals, exquisite local meats and cheeses, and a complete exploration of the region’s staggeringly diverse wines.

Alentejo, Portugal​, was named one of National Geographic's Best of the World travel experiences for 2014. The list reflects what’s authentic, culturally rich, sustainable and superlative in the world of travel today.

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Tour by Day

Day One: Welcome to Portugal’s Alentejo!
Your guides will greet you in Lisbon at the Sofitel or the airport and whisk you away to the countryside. They will transfer you from the capital to the Alentejo region, a stark and welcome contrast to the bustling metropolis. Rolling hills of gold and green, dotted with cork trees, olive groves, and flocks of sheep mark the landscape. We’ll start our adventure in the town of Vila Viçosa with lunch and a toast. Ride to Juromenha, a picturesque village overlooking the Spanish border.  Continue through vineyards of local grape varieties and try a few of them at our wine tasting. Refresh at the hotel’s excellent Spa.  Dine like royalty tonight as we are treated to dine with our chefs over a homemade meal and wine tasting.

Meals: Light Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Lisbon, Vila Viçosa, Juromenha
Accomplished: 14 miles / 22 km (additional optional ride of 14 miles / 22 km)
Accommodations: Alentejo Marmoris Hotel + Spa

Day Two: Pottery and Palaces
As we leave behind Vila Vicosa we’ll glimpse the marble quarries that are responsible for the splendor and style of the region. Admire the artwork and skill of a talented potter in the village of Redondo. Ride past rows of gnarly cork trees and pristine vineyards, through pastoral countryside dotted by abandoned castles, to the village of Nossa Senhora de Machede, where we’ll stop to eat tangy cheeses, freshly cured green olives, and local smoked meats. End the day at the Convento de Espinheiro, a historic monument and now a luxurious hotel. Tonight enjoy a tour of this incredible property before indulging in food and wine in the hotel’s ancient wine cellar and Divinus restaurant 

Meals: Breakfast / Light Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Alandroal, Redondo, Nossa Senhora de Machede, Evora 
Accomplished: 44 miles / 70 km
Accommodations: Convento do Espinheiro

Day Three: Valverde Loop
Ride from the hotel this morning to the city of Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where we’ll meet up with our friend, Lucia, for a guided tour of the city. Walk through centuries old streets and squares from the Roman Temple of Diana to the intriguing Chapel of Bones. After our visit, we’ll ride around the ramparts of the town and under the 16th century aqueduct and into the surrounding countryside. Marvel at the Neolithic Dolmen of Zambujeiro near the village of Valverde, the biggest on the Iberian Peninsula, before heading north along quiet country roads to the hotel. Later, opt to visit the prestigious Cartuxa winery for a tasting or simply relax by the pool or at the spa. Enjoy dinner on your own tonight in Évora.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch
Destinations: Évora, Valverde, Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe
Accomplished: 26 miles / 44 km (additional optional ride of 12.5 miles / 20 km)
Accommodations: Convento do Espinheiro

Day Four: Arraiolos Loop
Start the day cycling through pastoral fields, where the only sounds are birds chirping and the jangling bells of flocking sheep. We’ll arrive in Arraiolos, noted for its colorful, hand-stitched woolen tapestries. Peek into a couple of the shops to see villagers stitching and chatting together. We’ll then stop in at a local restaurant in Arraiolos to delight in some typical countryside fare before cycling back to the hotel.   A short drive to the city of Évora where we will dine with our friends Antonio and Lucia at their restaurant.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Evora, Arraiolos
Accomplished: 28 miles / 45 km
Accommodations: Convento do Espinheiro

Day Five: This L'AND is my Land
We’ll head further westbound, closer to the sea but even deeper into the country.  Enjoy the routes that rarely see more than a few cars but rather more bicycles and wanderers.  Your guides will explain the processes and history of the cork industry so you can figure out the painted numbers on the trees signify.  Passing through the charming towns of São Sebastião da Giesteira and Santiago you’ll have plenty of time to stop at the local pastry shop to try the famous and delicious pasteis de Nata.  Arrive at the property of the L’AND hotel where you can be sure to enjoy many of its offerings: the luxury Caudalie SPA, its fine wines and vineyards, and its Michelin starred restaurant.  Finish your Alentejo tour in style at this new and very modern property that you definitely write home about.  Saúde!

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Destinations: Graça do Divor, Santiago do Escoural, Sao Cristóvão, Montemor-o-Novo
Accomplished: 32.5 miles / 52 km (additional optional ride of 11 miles / 18 km)
Accommodations: L'AND Hotel

Day Six: Adeus to the Alentejo
Relax this morning over a well-deserved gourmet breakfast before our drive back to Lisbon, where your guides will see you off.

Meals: Breakfast
Destinations: Lisbon