Tour Coordinator

Shannon Needleman


Down the La Jolla San Diego beaches


Fresh tuna ceviche made street-side in Nassau, Bahamas


Taste-testing red wine with my father anytime I go back home


The trunk of a car on top of the Teton Mountains in Jackson, Wyoming

Shannon’s love for the outdoors flourished at a very young age due to the consistent warm weather in her hometown of Boca Raton, FL. Growing up with a very active brother, Shannon was joyfully inclined to tag along and partake in whatever thrilling adventure was on the agenda, whether biking, hiking, swimming or getting lost in boats on the ocean. The urge to explore and enjoy the world has only grown in her as she has. While studying Finance at Florida State University, Shannon used drawing, cooking and photography to fuel her creative energy, and is a secret aspiring chef. Her appreciation for culture truly flourished during art history classes in high school, and has inspired her to travel and experience the world firsthand. With notable adventures to Costa Rica, Canada, Jamaica and most every region of the U.S., Shannon joined DuVine to curate her experiences and appetite for learning into great customer service for our guests.