Tour Coordinator

Shelby Carlson-Teasdale


Through the wee misty rolling hills of Glen Coe, Scotland


You can’t go wrong with a bagel and lox (extra capers!)


Hot ginger tea or Post Ride Snack by Maine Beer Company


Hammocking on Kalanggaman Island, Philippines

A native to Upstate New York, Shelby attended Niagara University and got her degree in Travel/Tourism Management. While in college she took the leap to study in bonnie Edinburgh, Scotland and life was never the same. As soon as she touched down in the country she was in awe. The culture, music, food, people and wide-open spaces for hiking, endless adventures, and the ability to live simply really drew her in. Her dream is to one day run her own sheep farm and use it for Occupational Therapy purposes—which is what she is currently going back to school for.

From Scotland she went on to live in the Philippines and has been a Bostonian since 2018. She is always looking for the next adventure—near or far—especially for good camping and hiking! You can find her dancing like there is no one around to early 2000’s music, curled up with her two cats watching anything Will Ferrell, or out in the middle of nowhere enjoying the quiet of nature.