At Your Service

At Your Service

The DuVine Guides and Behind the Scenes luxury travel team are tireless in their efforts to make sure every detail of every bicycle trip goes above and beyond expectations. From developing the most creative, well-paced itineraries and choosing exceptional restaurants to selecting top-of-the-line bikes and laying out a picnic of delicious local foods, we have everything covered so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.
Our energetic, friendly, and approachable team is committed to creating experiences that will be remembered forever. We are pleased to share our firsthand local knowledge and boundless passion with each guest throughout their travel experience. From helping to decide what destination is the perfect fit, to suggesting the best vintage to add to a collection, to giving a much needed push up the final hill – we are here to cater to our guests’ every need.

Above + Beyond Travel Services

NEW For All 2015 Tours  |  Available starting November 1, 2014
If you would like to work directly with a Tour Coordinator for your pre- and post-tour needs, DuVine now offers Concierge Travel Planning assistance to help you plan and book through one of our expert Tour Coordinators. From the moment you reserve with DuVine, your Tour Coordinator is available to assist you with hotel reservations, private transfers, train tickets, car rentals, and city tours for up to three days before or after your bike tour. The fee for this service is $250 per tour reservation.

Why upgrade to Concierge Travel Planning Assistance?
When you upgrade to Concierge Travel Planning assistance, you're investing not only in service, but also in peace of mind. We’ve got everything covered - from the big picture to the smallest detail -  so you can focus on getting excited for your upcoming vacation! Your Tour Coordinators and Guides are not only experts in travel, booking, and the destinations in which we run tours, but also have the resources and experience necessary for making the best travel arrangements for all DuVine guests.

Concierge Travel Planning is included as a complementary upgrade for most private tours and Loyalty Club members traveling on their 5th DuVine tour and beyond.

Need assistance with just your flights? Our partners at Largay Travel would be happy to assist you. For a fee of $40, Largay offers specialized Concierge Air Services. For assistance with booking your flights, please contact or call 203-346-1691.

Why book flights through Largay Travel?
In addition to the pre-flight fare analysis and consultation, your flight will be monitored for any changes that might affect your travel plans. If your flight is impacted in any way, your advisor will assist you with alternate arrangements to minimize the disruptions. Just like purchasing DuVine’s Concierge Travel Planning assistance—you are investing in service and peace of mind.

Prefer to plan your own travels? Your Tour Coordinator would be happy to discuss your travel plans with you and offer recommendations and resources including our City Guides (coming soon) for you to plan your travels with the advice of our experienced travel professionals. Use the following links for a sneak peak of our industry-first City Guides.

Travel advice and recommendations are included in the price of your tour and do not require the Travel Concierge Service upgrade.

Ready to start planning your tour or need to speak with someone about our travel planning services? Contact a Tour
Coordinator at 617-776-4441 (888-396-5383) or schedule a call and we can chat when it works best for you.