Ireland Bike Tours

The Emerald Isle, west of Great Britain between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea, earned its nickname for good reason. Abbey ruins overrun with moss are offset by nearly neon grass and flocks of grazing sheep, and the island’s rocky cliffs are carpeted in greenery until the very point they plunge into the sea below.

The Wild Atlantic Way—which spans the western shores from the headlands to the Haven Coast—is virtually built for cycling tours through Ireland, and cultural hallmarks like whiskey and castles impart a sense of Irish life and history. But if the country must be remembered for only one thing, let it be the conviviality of its people. In pubs, over pints, or in passing on the streets of seaside towns, the Irish craic flows freely, enveloping you in a community as if you’ve always belonged.


Fresh local seafood like salmon and oysters, artisanal cheeses, soda bread, and hearty shepherd’s pie


Guinness stout, Irish whiskey, and craft beers

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