On tour, our daily routes include longer and shorter ride options. If you’re a dedicated cyclist but love a leisurely destination, our guides are happy to take you out for some extra miles. If you have your heart set on a tour with more advanced riding, you can rely on our support van to sweep the route—or use electric assist to quicken your pace.


Average Daily Distance:
15–30 miles
Average Daily Elevation:
105–350 meters
Average Daily Distance:
15–35 miles
Average Daily Elevation:
300–500 meters
Average Daily Distance:
15–40 miles
Average Daily Elevation:
450–725 meters
Average Daily Distance:
50–60 miles
Average Daily Elevation:
1,070–2,130 meters
Recreational cyclists or someone who is active but doesn’t cycle often will find the perfect amount of riding on a Level 1 tour. Recreational cyclists will want to prepare with extra time in the saddle, but can take advantage of the support van if needed. Recreational cyclists should train in advance. On tour, they may push themselves or use the support van. Recreational cyclists are not recommended to join Level 4 tours.
Intermediate cyclists can take advantage of extra rides if they’re looking for more miles. Intermediate cyclists will love the rolling routes and may even want to enjoy an extra ride or two. Intermediate cyclists will find a Level 3 tour to be the perfect challenge. Intermediate cyclists are not recommended to join Level 4 tours without serious training.
Advanced cyclists will want to do extra rides, but should expect a more leisurely pace. Advanced cyclists will want to take advantage of extra rides to get the most out of the week. Advanced cyclists will enjoy the rolling terrain, but may want to take advantage of extra rides. Advanced cyclists will be challenged to push their bodies to new levels and become a stronger cyclist.
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Electric Assist

Available on most DuVine tours, e-bikes provide an extra boost to your own pedal power, so you can ride longer distances, tackle tougher climbs, and maintain a faster pace. Electric assist is an excellent option if you’re traveling with friends or family and don’t ride at the same level, or if your heart is set on exploring a region with more challenging cycling. Learn more about how e-bikes can change the way you travel.

Non-Rider Options

Travelers with companions who prefer not to cycle can still experience our favorite destinations in DuVine style. On select tours, we’ve designed self-guided itineraries to show non-riders the best of the region off the bike: shop, hike, discover local culture, or make the most of hotel pools and spas, then re-join the group for cocktails and dinner each evening. Non-rider-friendly tours are marked “Non-Rider Options.”

Since guides are focused on supporting cyclists during daily rides, alternate transportation may be required for non-riders. Our guides are happy to help with these arrangements. For non-riders who wants to customize an itinerary to share in the same daily activities, lunches, and wine tastings as cyclists, contact our Trip Specialists.

Non-Rider Tours