Head south of the equator for your next bike tour and join us for an active adventure in Latin America. From exotic rainforests of Costa Rica to the far southern reaches of Chile, Latin America offers a world of innumerable pleasures, natural and manmade alike, waiting to be explored. Whether it is biking, ziplining, kayaking, rafting, or hiking, there are countless ways to enjoy the mountains, coasts, rainforests, and more that decorate Latin America.

Destinations In Latin America

The high peaks of the Peruvian Andes provide the dramatic backdrop for one of our most exciting and adventurous tours. Peru offers an important fusion of the ancient and contemporary. Explore some of the most fascinating ruins on the planet at Machu Picchu and experience the thriving urban life of Lima—all in the same trip. Bike along the Sacred Valley and witness rugged mountain slopes scattered with hamlets and villages that have existed symbiotically with the landscape for thousands of years. Learn about the many ancient technologies that remain critically important to the livelihood of today's Peruvian descendants of the Inca. Take in the strength of culture and tradition while surrounded by the brilliant handwoven clothing of the indigenous peoples and tasting the enduring flavors of age-old recipes. Become immersed in wonder in Peru.
Chile is the long, narrow strip of land the spans much of the western coast of South America along the Pacific Ocean. With the ocean to its west and the Andes to the east, it is one of nature’s finest playgrounds for lovers of either mountains or sea. Among its natural wonders, Chile lists the lakes and volcanoes district, found to the south between the cities of Temuco and Puerto Montt. Here you will find deep freshwater lakes that dot the landscape, snow-capped volcanoes that dominate the horizon, thermal hot springs, and biological reserves. Venture into Chilean wine country to taste your way through the Casablanca and Colchagua Valleys. Chile ranks among the finest wine-producing nations in the world, with outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Carmenère.


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Nestled between Brazil and Argentina in southeastern South America Uruguay offers stunning coastlines, bustling towns like Punte del Este, historic sites like the settlement of Colonia del Sacramento, and phenomenal art, including works by abstract sculptor Pablo Atchugary. From its natural beauty to its historic and cultural features, it has the perfect mix of fun outdoor activities and luxurious accommodations to make it the perfect destination. Its cuisine includes traditional asado, local olive oil, freshly made pastas, and indulgent flan with dulce de leche. Take part in the community of drinking mate, and enjoy Uruguay’s bold Tannat wines.

Ecuador + Galápagos

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Ecuador is a spectacular place of both mountains and sea. The Pacific Ocean to the west, the soaring Andes in the center, and the Amazon to the east, Ecuador is a topographically diverse nation, with boundless new places to explore. Visit the Galápagos Islands, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean made famous by Charles Darwin’s voyage that set in motion his theory of evolution. Cycling, hiking, kayaking, and more will give you an intimate view of this natural paradise, from the Cuicocha Lake to Sierra Negra volcano, to the Charles Darwin Research Station. Don’t miss the beautiful animals like Galápagos penguins, blue footed boobies, and the Galápagos tortoise. From the mainland to the islands, the different species to be found are simply astonishing.

Costa Rica

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Located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, Costa Rica is known for its rain forests, incredible biodiversity, coffee plantations, and the pura vida way of life. Cycling along the beach or through trails in the rainforest, white water rafting in the Sarapiqui River, or surfing in Tamarindo Bay are just a few of the amazing activities on offer in this natural playground. Eat authentic and wholesome Central American cuisine, including casado, Salsa Lizano, fresh fruit, and fried plantains. And don’t miss the chance to enjoy some of the world’s finest coffee straight from the source, as well as refrescos naturales (blended fruit drinks) and Ron Centenario.


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Explore the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world on an Argentina Bike Tour with DuVine. Argentina lies in the southern portion of South America between Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Uruguay. Traveling from one end to the other, the geography, climate, and environment vary enormously. In the northwest of country, the high altitude region of Salta is an awe-inspiring desert landscape, dominated by deep reds and tans. Yet it is still the source of outrageously satisfying wines, like Torrontés. Or try Mendoza, the home of the celebrated Malbec wines in north-central Argentina. Its breath-taking views of the Andes paired with the lush vineyards of the Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valleys make it a remarkable place for cycling. But in Argentina, aren't they all?