Montalcino vineyard landscape The Politics and Lore Of Brunello di Montalcino Wine

It’s February in Tuscany and I’m driving up the familiar road from Torrenieri to Montalcino. It’s a climb I know intimately, having led bike tour groups up it for 10 years: the initial easy grades with an unnerving view of the town way above, the tougher section that picks up right after Casanova dei Neri […]

DuVine toast_FOR WEB_FOR WEB-PREVIEW DuVine Turns 21! Champagne vs. Cava vs. Prosecco

Last year, DuVine celebrated two decades of traveling by bike. This year, we commemorate our coming of age—U.S. drinking age, that is! To celebrate, we’re comparing three famous types of festive fizz from three of our most popular bike tour destinations: France, Italy, and Spain. Raise your glass and enjoy DuVine’s Battle of the Bubbles: […]

HotelHealdsburg-780x527_FOR WEB-PREVIEW 6 Must See Hotels + Restaurants in Northern California

To find quaint wineries, luxurious spas, or hotels that treat you like royalty, you don’t need to travel to Europe. In Northern California, fine dining, wining, and hotel escapes are the hidden gems thriving in America’s backyard. Napa and Sonoma—recognized for their vineyards and beautiful estates—put the best life has to offer within easy reach. From quiet retreats […]

david-costa-brava_for-web-preview E-Wheels: The Secret Cyclist Superpower

Remember when you were a kid wearing your pool towel like a Superman cape and pedaling furiously, hoping your bike would transform into the Batmobile? Good news: the dream of having a superpower is still alive—and this time it really does make you go faster. Electric wheels are the newest, hottest trend in bike travel, […]

other-options-for-pics_thumbnail_for-web DuVine is For Lovers: Love Stories from the Saddle

Legend has it that once upon a time in the hills of Tuscany, a DuVine guide traded wine for a love potion with the local apothecary. She brought the elixir back to her fellow guides, who divided the precious liquid between them. The guides dispersed, biking far and wide across the world. Every now and […]