david-costa-brava_for-web-preview E-Wheels: The Secret Cyclist Superpower

Remember when you were a kid wearing your pool towel like a Superman cape and pedaling furiously, hoping your bike would transform into the Batmobile? Good news: the dream of having a superpower is still alive—and this time it really does make you go faster. Electric wheels are the newest, hottest trend in bike travel, […]

other-options-for-pics_thumbnail_for-web DuVine is For Lovers: Love Stories from the Saddle

Legend has it that once upon a time in the hills of Tuscany, a DuVine guide traded wine for a love potion with the local apothecary. She brought the elixir back to her fellow guides, who divided the precious liquid between them. The guides dispersed, biking far and wide across the world. Every now and […]

Migas con cachitos de lomo y pancetta, adornadas con rodajas de naranja.  Buenisimo.

Tomada durante una comida fantastica en una venta en los montes de Malaga.

I take photos for fun and for my business blog (Say No! to the Office), food company website (The Tapas Lunch Company) and Spanish food portal (Spanish Food World).

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Please contact me if you're interested in using one of my pictures. Beyond Lisbon: The Food and Wine of Portugal

Portugal’s influence on global cuisine is as far-reaching as early explorers could sail. Familiar flavors appear on menus in Brazil, Japan, India, China, Southeast Asia, New England, and beyond, blending seamlessly into dishes of limitless origin. But the food and wine of Portugal stand boldly on their own, a perfect representation of the natural beauty […]

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We’ve compiled the definitive list of the best festivals in Spain + Portugal in 2016 to align with your next adventure and help you guide your travel planning.

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If joining a spinning studio was on your list of New Year’s Resolutions or you’re training for one of our amazing bike tours, these jams will help you stick to your sessions. We asked indoor cycling instructors around the country as well as DuVine’s own guides, guests, and CEO to tell us their favorite beats […]