Uruguayan Wine 101

Uruguay lends the wine world a juxtaposition between hemispheres. This guide to Uruguayan wine explains the terroir, the flavors in a glass of Tannat, and the family-run bodegas that tend the country's vines.


An Insider’s Guide to Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, the South American country with beachy vibes and cultural cachet. It’s time to put this city on your radar and let Montevideo reveal its riches.

Hotels with a Story to Tell

Over the centuries, these hotels have seen some history. They began as a pauper’s dream house or a pilgrimage site; they've hosted artists, conquistadors, and kings. A hotel is only as interesting as its story!

On December Thirty-First

While many aspects of a New Year's Eve celebration remain constant no matter where we are in the world, some places have their own unique New Year traditions. Join us as we explore what New Year’s Eve merrymaking and tradition…

2018 DuVine Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual round-up of gift ideas for cyclists, foodies, and travelers! Our suggestions for holiday gifts will help with your holiday shopping and delight active adventurers.

Bohemian Crystal, the Treasure of Czechia

DuVine’s Czech Republic tour visits the epicenter of the Czech glassmaking industry. Read on about the history of Bohemian crystal and discover the step-by-step process of making it.

Highlights from the Highlands

A DuVine traveler recounts her week of cycling in Scotland, from the tapestry of local folklore to learning the lingo while riding from seafood restaurants to the famous Scottish links.

The DuVine Chef’s Table

The Netflix series captured our hearts and our appetites, so we’re paying homage to the culinary stars who wine and dine us on DuVine tours from Spain to Slovenia. Join us at the table and taste the flavors of true…