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In Spain, it’s easy to follow word of mouth to the next great discovery. Bike past a coffee shop, and the locals lingering over café con leche will point you to their favorite tapas restaurant around the corner. Once you’re tasting pintxos or paella, the table next to you will eagerly recommend the wine bar where they’re going next, this church you simply must see, and the guy they know who makes his own jamón—the good stuff.

Locals are proud to share, and that’s what makes cycling the Iberian Peninsula so extraordinary. Your bicycle may take you to an olive oil farm in Costa Brava, the land straddling Spain and France, or to the very edge of the Mediterranean Sea in Mallorca. Our tours of southern Spain focus on Andalucía, the Spanish gateway to Africa. And in La Rioja, we’ll open doors to the charms of Basque Country as well as the wineries that are putting Spain on the map.



Canary Islands

Costa Brava



  • Rioja Bike Tour

    Basque Country, Bilbao, and the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain
    6 daysLevel: 2Price From: $5,095
    • Apr 18 – 23
    • May 9 – 14
    • May 30 – Jun 4
    • Jun 20 – 25
    • Jul 11 – 16
    • Aug 1 – 6
    • Sep 26 – Oct 1
    • Oct 10 – 15

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