Greece Bike Tours

Greek Islands dot the Mediterranean, a constellation of rocky outcroppings and volcanic vestiges afloat in the sapphire-blue sea. Life here is full of simple pleasures: the uncomplicated flavor of fresh-caught mackerel straight from the fisherman’s net, simple salads of homemade cheese and organic vegetables, and bread studded with olives fallen from windswept trees.

Rides take advantage of the bright, clear days abundant in this archipelago, coasting through car-free towns, climbing to island pinnacles for unobstructed views, and passing lumbering donkeys on stone streets. When you’re not cycling, swim along beaches as white as the hillside villages or sip ouzo beneath a canopy of bougainvillea. The allure of ancient history can be found almost everywhere. Yachts parting the Aegean Sea nod to Homer’s seafaring Odyssey, crumbling temples hint at the mysterious lives of monks and oracles, and the neoclassical town of Symi radiates Byzantine and Ottoman roots.


Mediterranean mezes like stuffed calamari, hearty moussaka, feta with aromatic oregano and olives, colorful salads, and the daily catch grilled to perfection


Unexpected wines of Greece and Turkey including Malagousia, an ancient variety of white wine

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