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DuVine is an international cycling and adventure company curating unforgettable travel experiences. We’re all about the local details.

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Year in Review: Andy's Top Bike Rides of 2023

From the Great Smoky Mountains to South Africa's Cape Winelands, cycling CEO Andy Levine picks his top seven bike rides of 2023.

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Our Roots Run Deep in Burgundy

Heritage and history is everything in Burgundy, France. Vineyards are handed down through generations; winemakers are minted by patrimonie. For DuVine, too, the heritage and history of our company begins in Burgundy 25 years ago. See this region through the eyes of our founder Andy Levine as he returns to the place where it all began.
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10 Reasons to Visit the Cotswolds

Discover the charming towns and romantic landscapes of England’s Costwolds with our list of essential things to do and see.

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