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DuVine is an international cycling and adventure company, curating unforgettable travel experiences in small groups. We’re all about the local details.

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Experience the World by Bike

See what it’s like to ride with us and why we believe in bike travel above all.

2018 DuVine Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual round-up of gift ideas for cyclists, foodies, and travelers! Our suggestions for holiday gifts will help with your holiday shopping and delight active adventurers.

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Once a Hospital, Now the World's Greatest Wine Auction

Wine saved lives. That’s the heart of the story behind one of the most ancient wine auctions in the world. It’s a fascinating sequence that begins with medieval poverty and plague but comes to age with abundance and luxury in Burgundy, France.

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Singles + Solos Bike Tours

Calling all intrepid adventurers, cycling enthusiasts, independent spirits, and lovers of luxury: if the open road calls and you don’t have a travel buddy, find your place on a DuVine cycling tour. Our bicycle vacations don't just accommodate singles and solos—we welcome them!

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That Feeling of Freedom

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