U.S. + Europe Bike Fleet

Road Bike (Europe)

Light, fast, and elegantly designed, the Cannondale Synapse 2 RLE* is the ultimate machine for full days of riding. In addition to upright geometry, this bike’s micro-suspension system smooths road vibrations, while the latest Shimano Ultegra Di2 supplies you with touch-of-a-button electronic shifting. The light climbing gear will haul you up even the steepest grades, while disc brakes provide extra peace of mind on descents—a versatile bike for the best possible riding experience.

Road Bike (U.S.)

Built and tested in Utah’s Uinta Mountains, our Ventum Custom Road Bike is tailored to the DuVine guest who wants a nimble ride. Aerodynamically engineered for supreme cruising comfort on the flats, the featherweight carbon frame is easy to handle when paired with slack steering and wide tires. Add Shimano’s Di2 Ultegra Disc groupset, and this elegant machine makes conquering climbs a cinch while allowing you to lean into descents with confidence.

Road E-Bike (Europe)

Though it looks and handles like a road bike, the BMC Roadmachine AMP TWO increases your pedal power with an ultra-compact integrated Mahle drive unit. Push even harder and ride that much further: this machine is best for cyclists who are accustomed to the agility and performance of a road bike, but seeking extra speed and endurance. Available on Level 2 and 3 tours in select destinations. Offered at a $400 supplement.

Hybrid E-Bike (U.S. + Europe)

Choosing a hybrid e-bike can greatly enhance your experience in the saddle, no matter how much cycling experience you have. Both our Specialized Turbo Vado and BMC 257 AMP AL TWO offer an extra boost of long-range power with fully-integrated batteries and motors. Tick along the flats effortlessly and float up climbs—these versatile bikes are ready to tame every type of terrain.

Hybrid Bike

Our Cannondale Quick 1 Disc and Specialized Sirrus Comp Disc* hybrid bikes are tailored to the DuVine guest traveling on Level 1 or 2 tours. A compact crank makes for easy shifting and the tires are wider than a road bike (but not too heavy!) for a happy medium between stability and performance. With a sleek frame and cushy seat, our hybrids are light and comfortable for everyday riding.

*Bikes may vary in Azores, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Turkey. Consult bike details on each tour page. 

Our Fleet in the Rest of the World

Wherever our travels take us, we use bikes best-suited to the local terrain. For tours in the rest of the world, please check the bike details provided on each tour page.