Italy Bike Tours

Anyone who’s been to Italy and tasted the pasta (or olive oil, or wine, or truffles) will insist that words fail to capture the nuances of flavor. “It’s just different,” they say. If the most treasured souvenir from an Italy vacation is reaching culinary enlightenment, tasting your way through this country reveals that it grows ever bigger with delightful discoveries instead of smaller.

On a bicycle tour, you’re even closer to the land that generously gives forth Piedmontese hazelnuts, Nebbiolo grapes, Sicilian lemons, and Arborio rice. From the snow-capped peaks of the Austrian-influenced Dolomites and the terraced vines of the Cinque Terre to the olive groves of Tuscany and the inviting coast of Puglia, Italy is teeming with unique landscapes, dialects, and culinary traditions. But one thing is universal across these regions: an inherent sense of hospitality rooted in living well and a kind of culinary reverence that every Italian—and every visitor—can appreciate.


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