Slovenia Bike Tours

Slovenia is paradise found in central Europe. A mountainous and forested nation, the country is overrun with Mother Nature’s finest creations—from hillside vineyards, salt pans, and impossibly still lakes to Adriatic coastlines and serpentine networks of rivers.

Slovenia tours visit undisturbed Alpine villages, take to the Soča river for kayaking or rafting, and cycle roads that flicker with sunlight filtered through a canopy of beech trees. Be the first among your friends to discover what Slovenians have long kept close to their hearts: their motherland is a transformative place where sublime enjoyment is found in the simplicity of nature.


A combination of Austrian, Hungarian, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines: local sausages, prosciutto, mountain cheeses, pumpkin seed oil, žlikrofi (potato ravioli), and prekmurska gibanica (layer cake)


Rebula and Refosco wines from Brda, Vipava Valley Pinot Noir, craft beer, and schnapps after a hearty meal

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