It is our responsibility to take great care in preserving the places we visit and the planet we explore. Cycling is an inherently eco-conscious way to travel, and it’s poised to play a key role in the battle against climate change. However, we recognize that there is work to do in making the business of travel more sustainable. With the following initiatives, we strive to set an example for a greener future, and invite our peers in the travel industry to do the same.

Shifting to Carbon Neutral

Above all, we believe that bike travel should leave little behind. In 2022, DuVine became the first 100% carbon-neutral bike tour operator.

We offset all CO2 output from our tours, offices, and operations by supporting third-party carbon reduction projects around the world. These efforts make meaningful advancements in areas like climate action, clean energy, forest management, and preservation of biodiversity.

Improving Sustainable Practices

Small, sustainable swaps can add up to big change. Although bike travel is already a lower-impact alternative to other modes of group travel, we continuously seek ways to lessen our footprint by reducing waste and reconsidering the materials we choose.

For example, we return pedals in cloth bags, ship jerseys in home-compostable mailers, and furnish gear satchels made from recycled material. We’ve also upgraded our complimentary water bottles to a biodegradable version made from BPA-free plastic. Traditional plastic bottles take up to 1,000 years to decompose; ours break down in three months to five years. And since it fits all standard bottle cages, we encourage you to take your bottle home to reuse after your tour.

Supporting Local Communities

DuVine is committed to a social impact philosophy that brings tourism income into small communities and lesser-known regions. Our tours stimulate local economies by visiting independent artisans, dining at family-owned restaurants, employing local guides, and partnering with small businesses for activities that uphold the unique heritage of each destination. We aim to invest the majority of our tour costs in local businesses.