Go beyond the ordinary on your next bike tour and join us on a tour Africa and the Middle East. On one of our Africa + Middle East cycling trips, explore the desert by camel or the roads of ancient cities. The home of some of the world’s most ancient civilizations, and the epicenter of numerous world religions, Israel is both a naturally beautiful and culturally rich place. Or, visit North Africa as we explore the luxurious colors, sounds, culture and tradition or Morocco.

Destinations In Africa + Middle East

On the banks of the Mediterranean and Red Seas in the heart of the Middle East, Israel is the heartbeat of numerous world religions. Its stunning beaches, awe-inspiring deserts, and countless historical sites and artifacts make it a destination with irresistible appeal for people from all walks of life. It is both a beautiful and fascinating place to visit and experience from the seat of a bike. From Jerusalem’s iconic Western Wall to the West Bank, the waters of the Dead Sea to Golan Heights, it is full of wonder. And its cuisine packs a punch as well, featuring Mediterranean staples like falafel, hummus, dates, halva, and refreshing Israeli salads. Pair them with wines from ancient vines, as well as strong Israeli coffee and herbal teas.


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Welcome to Morocco. Welcome to Africa. This country will amaze you with its energy, color, culture, views, and versatility. You can hike through lush forests in a cool climate in the morning and drink Moroccan mint tea on the edge of the desert by late afternoon. The landscapes are all different and mesmerizing wherever you go and you’ll be exploring them all by the saddle of your bike. Wake up one morning in your luxurious accommodations overlooking a gorgeous valley and escape it all to the foothills of the Atlas where you are more likely to see 3 times as many shepherds, their flocks and donkeys than any automobile. Utter tranquility combined with untouched beauty accompanied by delicious meals and incredible accommodations.