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With the best intentions in place and many cyclists in particularly good health, it is hard to imagine that something could occur that may prevent you from traveling on your desired trip. However, cancellations and trip interruptions do happen and the disappointment of not being able to travel is only outweighed by the significant financial loss that can occur. For a fraction of the cost of your trip, you can protect yourself from this scenario by purchasing travel insurance.

DuVine has partnered with Travel Insured International to offer travel insurance plans that best fits the needs of our travelers – the Worldwide Trip Protector plan and the Worldwide Trip Protector PLUS plan. We strongly recommend the purchase of one of these plans, which safeguard you and your traveling companion in the event of any financial losses due to unforeseen illness, accident, delays and more as covered in the policy’s Description of Coverage. If purchased within 21 days of deposit, your policy is eligible to include a Pre-existing Condition Waiver.

To view more details of policy benefits, limits, and rates

Please view our Worldwide Trip Protector Pamphlet and Worldwide Trip Protector PLUS Pamphlet.

To purchase your policy

Please complete the Reservation Forms sent to you upon booking or contact your tour coordinator with your preferred policy, coverage limit, travel dates, and birthdates of those you would like to insure.

Frequently asked questions

Is the cost of my flight included?
The cost of your flight will be included in your policy as long as you select a coverage amount that covers the cost of your DuVine tour, your flight, as well as any other non-refundable travel arrangements. If you accept insurance on your reservation forms but do not specify a coverage amount, your coordinator will select the one that incorporates only the per person cost of your DuVine tour.
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Are the rates listed on a per-person basis?
The coverage rates are indeed listed on a per person basis. Therefore, if you and your traveling companion would like to purchase the Worldwide Trip Protector plan, would like to cover yourself for up to $5000 per person, and are both within the 35-58 age range, the cost for the plan would be $237.
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Which policy is right for me?
The major difference between the Worldwide Trip Protector and the Worldwide Trip Protector PLUS is that the latter includes the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit. The CFAR benefit is a safety net that you can utilize in the event you have to cancel your trip for a reason not covered under the base policy. Some choose to purchase the WTP PLUS plan when they think it is possible they would have to cancel for a reason that is listed under the policy’s Limitations and Exclusions (i.e. mountaineering, piloting, car racing, etc.) or another reason that would not be covered (i.e. pending adoption, death of a family dog, termination under 1 year of employment). It is important to note that the maximum reimbursement when submitting a claim under CFAR is 75% of your non-refundable trip costs.

Should the travel dates on my policy reflect my flight itinerary or the tour start and end date?
The travel dates on your policy must reflect the day you leave from your home and the day you return to your home — not the day your DuVine tour begins and ends. This is especially important to note if you add the CFAR benefit to your policy because you can only utilize this benefit if you cancel 48 hours prior to the day you leave your home. The travel dates on your policy can be updated prior to departure if your plans change.
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Why does the cost of my insurance policy not show up on my DuVine invoice?
The cost of your insurance policy does not show up on your DuVine invoice because it is purchased directly through Travel Insured by your Tour Coordinator. Also, please note that an $8 fee per policy (not per person) will be debited by travel insurance when the purchase is processed.
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How do I submit a claim with Travel Insured?
To file a claim with Travel Insured, please visit and have your policy number ready. If the need to submit a claim does arise, please make sure to keep all essential documentation including receipts and doctor notes. If you have any question whether the situation you are in is covered under your policy or what documentation you will need for your claim, please contact Travel Insured (1-800-243-3174) or if you are in need of emergency assistance contact the assistance company (1-800-494-9907 in US/Canada or 1-603-328-1707).
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Just need medical evacuation coverage?
We recommend Global Rescue. To find out more you can call at 1-800-381-9754 or click here to sign up online.