2018 DuVine Holiday Gift Guide

Our annual round-up of gift ideas for cyclists, foodies, and travelers! Our suggestions for holiday gifts will help with your holiday shopping and delight active adventurers.

Once a Hospital, Now the World’s Greatest Wine Auction

Wine saved lives. That’s the heart of the story behind one of the most ancient wine auctions in the world. It’s a fascinating sequence that begins with medieval poverty and plague but comes to age with abundance and luxury in Burgundy, France.

Bohemian Crystal, the Treasure of Czechia

DuVine’s Czech Republic tour visits the epicenter of the Czech glassmaking industry. But what makes world-famous Bohemian crystal so special? Read on about the history of this Czech handicraft and discover the step-by-step process of making Bohemian glass.


Highlights from the Highlands

A DuVine traveler recounts her week of cycling in Scotland, from the tapestry of local folklore to learning the lingo while riding from seafood restaurants to the famous Scottish links.

The DuVine Chef’s Table

The Netflix series captured our hearts and our appetites, so we’re paying homage to the culinary stars who wine and dine us on DuVine tours from Spain to Slovenia. Join us at the table and taste the flavors of true…

2018 Travel + Leisure World’s Best Winners!

Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best awards can change travel trends by predicting popular destinations and revealing rising stars. We're thrilled to be a World’s Best Tour Operator in good company with some of 2018’s fellow winners.

The Guru’s Guide to Pasta in Italy

From legends of greedy priests to traditions at Sicilian weddings, Italian pastas reflect the people, climate, and terrain where they're made. Become a pasta savant and discover these seven specialties that provide insight into regional tastes.

Meet our Guides: Arien Coppock

Riding a rusty BMX bike across the dry fields of South Africa, Arien couldn't possibly predict how her love of cycling would lead her all over the world. A former professional cyclist turned DuVine guide, she shares how taking risks lead…

A Meat-Lover’s Guide to Bike Tours

Juicy, smoky, spicy, and sweet: get your fill of these flavors in our top eight destinations for meat-loving cyclists. Pedal your way to these carnivorous favorites from around the world and feast with us on your next bike tour.

Andy’s Guide to Aspen

There's no place like Aspen. The weather is perfect, the snow is light and fluffy, the people are friendly, and the roads are perfect for cycling. If you're planning to visit Colorado's chicest resort town, here's how Andy recommends spending…

Desserts Around the World

From the cherry blossom-inspired confections of Japan to what they serve at birthday parties in Brazil, a sweet tooth can take you around the world. Satisfy your culinary curiosity with stories of the history and culture behind these sweet treats.