Katie Fahey

A native of Lincoln, Massachusetts, Katie has a great love for the outdoors and, of course, travel! After studying psychology at Boston College, Katie took a job on a dude ranch in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming as the ranch baker—baking homemade goodies for over 120 guests each day. After zesting too many lemons, Katie moved to Jackson Hole where she practiced her powder turns and the art of sales and customer service at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. When Katie is not skiing or hiking, she’s on the hunt for some good live music. Destinations currently on the top of Katie’s travel list are Bhutan, the Dolomites, Chile, and California.

Katie O’Brien

Katie can’t remember a time that she wasn’t inspired by travel. After her first family trip to Europe in high school, she fell in love with the rich histories and breathtaking scenes across France and Italy. Her semester abroad in Rome was entirely fueled by the travel bug, with trips that took her everywhere from Dublin to Istanbul.

After she graduated, Katie’s passion for exploration propelled her to spend a month driving across the United States. Experiencing such a variety of cultures in her own country inspired her to become immersed in something entirely new. Shortly afterward, she picked up and moved to León, Nicaragua, where she taught English to locals of all ages. Now that she’s back in the Boston area, Katie is always looking for ways to keep exploring; she’s excited to help DuVine guests to do the same!

Hannah Miller

Hannah’s past includes a stint as a baker, a farmer, and a gardener. Her favorite hobbies include playing volleyball and softball, scouring flea markets and thrift stores for treasures, and making things with her hands. She’s been to 27 countries—most recently Myanmar, Serbia, and Morocco—but India, Brazil, and Australia still top her bucket list. Hannah is fluent in Spanish and Dutch, and dreams of one day having a greenhouse filled with tropical plants.

Maria Qureshi

Maria is a Boston native who feels lucky to have traveled to Pakistan at the age of two, six, and eight. From a young age, she has learned to appreciate the vibrancy of other cultures—from the people, food, and jaw-dropping soap operas. Since then, she’s traveled to 20 U.S. states, road-tripped to our kind neighbors in Canada on two occasions, and crossed the Atlantic to Dubai, Turkey, and Pakistan (again!). She’s thrilled to be surrounded by travel enthusiasts at DuVine and inspired to check more countries off her bucket list: Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand, to name just a few.

Maria traveled far, far west for college—all the way to Assumption College in Worcester, the Heart of the Commonwealth. There she pursued an education in Graphic Design and Marketing. She’s only just begun what she anticipates to be a long and enlightening journey of artistry. When she’s not daydreaming about all the cities she has yet to experience, you can find Maria roaming the aisles of her local craft store in search for her next creative venture, from knitting to painting to cross-stitching. You name it, she’s tried it!

Julia Paglierani

A native of the Boston area, Julia grew up hiking, biking, and skiing around New England. From a young age, trips with her family instilled in her a love of adventure, food, and travel. Many of Julia’s first memories include tasting good food, biking in Vermont, and enjoying summers at the beach on the Cape.

Her first time out of the United States was in Montreal, Canada, where she tasted steak tartare for the first time and began a lifelong love affair with French food. After that, Julia took a family vacation to Rome and Florence where she explored her Italian heritage. A favorite experience was cooking wheat pasta and drinking fresh peach nectar. This trip cemented Julia’s desire to travel and she has since visited cities from Paris to Prague, drinking wine and exploring cafés along the way.

Julia now lives in Somerville and enjoys running, lifting, and spending time with friends. She is excited to be joining the DuVine team and sharing her love of food and travel!

Maurizio Sabatini

Maurizio was an electrical technician who loved riding his bike and when he met his wife (a very passionate MTB’er), he grew to love riding with her even more. After years of dreaming about owning his own bike store, he finally opened the doors to his shop in 2010. That same year, local DuVine guides walked in and asked him to service DuVine’s Italian fleet, and he immediately agreed. The Bike / Eat / Drink / Sleep concept appealed to Maurizio, especially as a way to experience his home country of Italy. Now, Maurizio travels as the mechanic on various DuVine trips, enjoying the opportunity to see new places and meet DuVine guests.

Sarah Broge

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sarah ventured off to Maine to attend Bowdoin College where she studied German—and after several summers abroad, discovered her love of culturally immersive travel. She lived in Berlin post-graduation and enjoyed her time exploring much of Europe. Upon her return to the States, she moved to Boston and began working for an emerging Natural Gas marketing company. Five years later, Sarah decided to transition her operations experience into a career that better aligned with her passions—but only after a 14-month travel sabbatical! She spent those special months adventuring around New Zealand, trekking through Southeast Asia, visiting Eastern Australia, and touring through Scotland and Ireland. With an enduring love of active travel, joining DuVine as Operations Manager is a perfect fit for Sarah.


Milly was born in a puppy mill in Indiana. The first years of her life are shrouded in mystery as she relocated to Rochester, New York, and again to New York City where she was ultimately adopted. Forsaking her former name, Mandy, she started a new life in Boston in 2012 and quickly became enamored with the city’s plentiful parks, walk-friendly neighborhoods, and waterfront paths.

Milly’s discerning palate was developed over a decade of very close proximity to the ground, which enabled her to sample countless street treats. Her favorite flavor nuances include watermelon at the peak of summer, tikka masala, and shaved deli turkey. Since she much prefers the company of humans, she is proud to be a member of the DuVine team.

Albi Pecorino

Like a true Italian, Albi spends her free time chilling in the town square, eating mama’s cooking, and chasing tail. At times, she can also demonstrate the characteristics of a Calabrese—testa dura!

Having recently graduated from Puppy Kindergarten, Albi has not yet decided what she wants to be when she grows up. Though she enjoys her Pay-Per-Lick internship, she sometimes falls asleep on the job. As a half sheepdog, she’s a natural guide, shepherding the team along with love and attention to detail. She’s a real team player and always one sniff ahead of everyone.