Doug Berry

Doug started cycling very young and bought his first mountain bike in 1979. He brings his vast experience in the outdoors including trips in the Himalayas on Mt. Everest, in the jungles of Belize, and of course in his backyard: the American Southwest. Doug prides himself on being patient, a skilled cyclist, and a wealth of knowledge.

Donnie Arnoult

Donnie started cycling during his freshman year of college in 1983. He began road and mountain bike racing in 1985, and continued until 1999. In 2001, he started guiding bike tours in Maui, Hawaii. A good friend of DuVine founder, Andy Levine, since 2013, Donnie truly loves people and sharing cycling with them. Giving his guests the best experience possible every time they ride is his goal—whether that means tips to improve their riding or sharing extra information about the region. He’s grateful he gets to do this job and meet amazing people from all over the world. Aloha!

Marissa Bobkowski

Marissa got into cycling as a commuter living in San Francisco, then got really into cycling when she realized that it could not only take her places, but also show her places. Marissa was an avid runner, but after a few injuries she needed a new outlet. She spent four years guiding bike tours in Italy, California, Hawaii, and Wyoming, then settled in Los Angeles to work Event Operations at Red Bull. She enjoys getting out and guiding to meet new people, and in her spare time she enjoys surfing, cycling (obviously), and spending time outdoors. Marissa loves shared experiences, especially centered around food and wine.

Zach Lehman

Oregon born, California raised: after high school, Zach spent a few years snowboarding in Lake Tahoe until injuries and sports rehab led to an obsession with cycling. He completed a graphic design degree in Seattle before returning to live in California. In college, Zach spent his time working in the fine dining and hospitality industries, and freelanced as an artist. He gained an incredible passion for food and culture, which inspired so many of his travels. From cycling the Pacific Coast Highway and backpacking through Central and South America to wandering through Southeast Asia and living in Europe, adventure and curiosity have always paved the way. For the past few years Zach has been fortunate to split his time living between Sacramento and Barcelona. California’s beautiful outdoors will always be home—nothing beats camping in the redwoods or the smell of the Pacific Ocean breeze in the morning—but a nice Alboriño on a Spanish terraza isn’t too bad either.

Hayley Brown

Hayley grew up swimming and running, and got into cycling after joining a triathlon team and deciding to train for an Ironman. Since then, she’s completed 2 Ironmans and cycling has become her favorite of the 3 activities! She loves training for Ironman as well as for local cycling fondo events.

Hayley studied Environmental Management and Protection at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo—needless to say, she loves nature and being outside. It wasn’t until a couple years after graduation that Hayley discovered a passion for nutrition, particularly sports nutrition. In 2019, she became a nutrition coach and started her own business, Native Vigor Nutrition, where she coaches and meal preps for clients.

It makes Hayley incredibly happy to be outside in beautiful destinations riding bikes, preparing healthy picnics, and just having a good time biking, eating, and drinking with guests.

Michaela Kaňovská

When she was in university, Michaela worked as a lifeguard in the United States, on farms in Scotland, and traveled as much as she could. Most recently, she taught children in the Himalayas. Always enthusiastic about travel and discovering local culture, Michaela recently left an office job at a communication agency to train full-time as a cyclist, allowing her to combine and share all her passions: travel, nature, history, culture, and sports.

David Joos

In 2000, David went to Chile in search of whitewater and never looked back. While training for a triathlon, he was recruited to guide bike tours, and has also led rafting and kayaking expeditions and active volcano hikes. He continues working with the rapids that brought him to South America, teaching whitewater modules to students at the University of Pucon. David is also a first aid instructor and volunteer firefighter.

Kandice Venter

Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa—the City of Gold—Kandice fell in love with cycling as a child, watching nightly Tour de France highlights with her dad. Many years later, she pursued a business degree in sport and has spent over 15 years working in professional cycling all over the world. Most recently, Kandice has worked with multiple world champions and Olympians.

Kandice resides in Italy during the European spring, summer, and fall, and returns to Cape Town for the winter. A mountain biker at heart, Kandice is most at home on the miles and miles of beautiful South African MTB single track.

Since she’s also married to a professional cyclist, Kandice truly eats, drinks, sleeps, and breathes biking. Her experience supporting athletes has informed her intuitive understanding of what cyclists need to have their best possible experience.

Jose Ricardo Jijon

Jose has been riding bikes since he was a kid, and began racing BMX when he was eight years old. At 13, he started racing downhill and cross country. For the past several years, Jose has been working as a bike tour guide as a way to share his love of  Ecuador, and he especially enjoys the logistics of travel planning. He also owns a bike academy where he coaches aspiring cyclists of all ages and helps students improve their riding techniques. 

Giacomo Oci

Giacomo began to love and practice road cycling when he was five years old. After a bike crash, he put some distance between himself and his sport and made the decision to study law instead. Giacomo focused on international art protection and environmental law, but realized not long after graduation that the bike was still calling him. Giacomo now rides his bike in Italy’s most amazing places, sharing his unique perspective on art, culture, food, and history.