Jose Ricardo Jijon

Jose has been riding bikes since he was a kid, and began racing BMX when he was eight years old. At 13, he started racing downhill and cross country. For the past several years, Jose has been working as a bike tour guide as a way to share his love of  Ecuador, and he especially enjoys the logistics of travel planning. He also owns a bike academy where he coaches aspiring cyclists of all ages and helps students improve their riding techniques. 

Giacomo Oci

Giacomo began to love and practice road cycling when he was five years old. After a bike crash, he put some distance between himself and his sport and made the decision to study law instead. Giacomo focused on international art protection and environmental law, but realized not long after graduation that the bike was still calling him. Giacomo now rides his bike in Italy’s most amazing places, sharing his unique perspective on art, culture, food, and history.

Sarah Flamm

Sarah grew up in Palo Alto, California. She received her Bachelors and Masters in Public Policy at Stanford University, and worked in development and immigration policy after graduating. She is passionate about technology, economics, Spanish literature, and road cycling (among many other things). She loves DuVine because it presents an opportunity to connect across cultures while sharing a bike ride through nature and enjoying local cuisine. Sarah currently lives in San Francisco and races road bikes competitively.

Ilkay Orhan

Ilkay was born in the lake region of Turkey in 1975. He studied physical education and sports at Mediterranean University in Antalya and completed postgraduate and doctorate degrees in sport sciences. Now a PE teacher and research associate at his alma mater, Ilkay specializes in massage therapy and Ayurveda techniques and has traveled to the Far East to learn from different masters. Ilkay enjoys cycling and traveling all around the Mediterranean, teaching and healing the people he meets.

Yoji Nishimura

30 years ago, Yoji started cycling to change his lifestyle and get in shape. After a career working with the U.S. Navy stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, Yoji retired in 2012 and has spent the last five years traveling. He has since settled in Takamatsu. Yoji’s devotion to cycling makes him a natural fit to guide bike tours.

Can Huseyin Sapul

Can was born and raised in a Kurdish family, high in the plateau that is Eastern Anatolia. After moving to Antalya along the Mediterranean, Can began his athletic career in orienteering. He has competed on behalf of the Turkish National Team, winning the gold medal in team relay in the Southeast European Orienteering Championship and traveling internationally to compete. Though cycling has long been a part of Can’s training regime, he studied tourism and hotel management so he could narrow his focus on guiding bike tours. He graduated as a tour guide in 2017 and began his dream job: leading outdoor tours. Can loves exploring ancient sites, reading history, trail running, and—of course—cycling.

Ramazan Bostanci

Ramazan was born into a farming family in the sunny Aegean region of Turkey. As a child growing up with extended family on the farm, he spent his days playing outdoors with cousins and running after the farm’s animals. His education took him away from farm life to a boarding school in Izmir, where he studied as a cadet in Military High School and began his career as an athlete. During his education, he competed across Europe in cross-country races and orienteering competitions as a part of the Turkish national team. Upon graduating from Turkish Military Academy in Ankara as a first lieutenant in 2012, Ramazan served in the Turkish Army until 2018. Since then, he has worked as a hiking and cycling tour guide. Ramazan also runs half marathons, and his interest in the outdoors makes him a passionate and engaged guide. As an endurance athlete, he believes in the motto ”believe, fight, win” and—as a guide—”keep smiling.”

Kadir Koseoglu

Kadir grew up in the northwestern region of Turkey and studied Physical Education and Sport Sciences at Akdeniz University. As an undergraduate, he lived in Poland and Portugal on an exchange program and traveled all around Europe and North Africa—all while discovering his desire to be on the road encountering new people and cultures. As a result, he chose a career in guiding. Kadir likes sharing the beauty and history of his country with fellow travelers, and he’s passionate about cooking. When it comes to staying active, Kadir is a dancer, yogi, hiker, trail runner, orienteer, and cyclist. He ran for the junior orienteering national team and is also a topographic map maker. As a guide, Kadir hopes to share all aspects of his country with his guests and make them fall in love with Turkey.

Kan Singhasinthu

Kan was born in Bangkok in 1980. When he was a kid, he rode around on his tricycle every day—as he grew up, he became interested in marketing and for several years lost sight of his passion for bikes. However, a love of travel inspired him to change careers from marketing to tourism. After several years working as a trip planner in Bangkok, he decided to adopt a more active lifestyle and in 2008 he bought a GT mountain bike. He started cycling small distances and worked his way up to his longest ride yet: 300 kilometers in a single day’s ride from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park. He grew so passionate about cycling that in 2014, Kan quit his office job to become a full-time bike tour guide.

Bilge Usta

Bilge was born in Turkey and grew up on the southwest coast of Asia Minor, surrounded with magnificent mountains and historic sites. Not only does DuVine give her a great opportunity to participate in diverse outdoor activities, but she also loves meeting new people, learning new things, cycling, hiking, and sailing. Bilge studied Classical Archaeology at the Mediterranean University and joined excavations in Patara, Turkey. During her university education, she worked in fields as diverse as air traffic control and sports training. After graduation, her education and hobbies prepared her to be a tour guide in archaeological and natural contexts. Since completing the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s guiding course in 2007, she has been licensed to lead sailing, hiking, cultural, and family tours.