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On our bike tours you’ll discover a culture through their wines – and engage all of your senses as you savor the moment and the sip.

Wine Bike Tours

Visit a private cellar at a world-famous vineyard in St. Emilion, enjoy a wine pairing with a lovingly-prepared meal in Piedmont, and taste wines from the world’s highest-altitude vineyards in Argentina. In other regions and countries you’ll taste local beers and spirits. Whatever the regional specialty, you’ll have the opportunity to meet local vintners and brewers and sample the fruits of their labors.

Wine is the ultimate expression of place. From the climate to the soil and the topography to the preferences and history of the locals, wine is a direct reflection of the people who produce it and the place in which they live. It tells a story, offering authentic and unparalleled insight into the places you travel. Cycle from vineyard to vineyard along the Route des Grands Crus in Burgundy, getting to know the sights and flavors of this storied region.

“[Our guides] shared some of their recipes and their favorite wines. They were part of our family for one short week and we will never forget them or the trip. We visited the most amazing wineries, caves and farms. It’s the only way to see France! We are looking forward to taking another DuVine adventure!”

Shelley and Bob T.​
Bordeaux Bike Tour

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Meet the local vintners in Tuscany or la Rioja, learning about – and tasting – their favorite wines right in their own vineyards and cellars. Engage all of your senses, exploring the taste, nose, and texture of a bold bottle of Bordeaux, carefully selected by your extensively knowledgeable guides to accompany your delicious meal. A spectacular wine is a celebration of life, and its complexities create full-bodied memories that last forever.

We are committed to ensuring our travelers never miss an opportunity for these unparalleled experiences, so every meal includes thoughtfully chosen local vintages that heighten our already outrageously satisfying meals.