Your Bike Tour Experience


Experience the best the world has to offer on your next bike tour – local specialties, traditional preparations, outstanding restaurants, and exceptionally talented chefs.

Bike Tour Cuisine

From a simple picnic of local cheeses to a three-course tasting menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and from that perfectly flaky morning croissant to the family recipe cooked for you in someone’s kitchen, you’ll discover the destinations you visit on your cycling tour through their regional cuisine – and be treated to some of the most amazing food you’ve ever tasted.

“All the restaurants were excellent in their own style, and the pre-selection of the menu was done carefully, with healthy options, to make us discover different food from the region, which we really appreciate!”

Kateri D.
Mallorca Bike Tour

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DuVine is fully committed to creating a complete sensory experience on every bicycle tour. As much as anything else, the cuisine of a region paints a picture. By seeking out all of a place’s diverse tastes and local specialties, we get to understand the local people and their always-colorful histories. Whether it is dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Champagne or eating freshly made gazpacho on the porch of our friend and local winemaker in Portugal, we settle for nothing less than outrageously delicious and satisfying food. Thanks to the extensive local knowledge of our guides, you can be certain that you’ll be introduced to the best hidden gems that every region has to offer, from Tuscany to Sonoma and Provence to Mallorca.