bikeradar1 DuVine’s Chef on Wheels Bike Tours Featured in Bike Radar

“BikeRadar: And now you’ve been cooking for luxury cycling tours with DuVine Cycling + Adventure. Mullen: Andy Levine, who owns DuVine, reached out to me with the idea of a chef on wheels, combing cycling and food. We’ve done it for three years. I love it. It’s my favorite thing. We get to ride in […]

industry-magazine DuVine’s Portugal Bike Tour Featured in Industry Magazine

“Discover the green and gold landscapes of the Alentejo region via the DuVine tour. This luxury tour company offers cyclists access to actual homes to dine on home-made meals. The second evening of the trip includes a meal with Isabela in her mid-eighteenth-century palace, discussing culture and what traditional life is like in Portugal…” Read […]

USA Today DuVine’s California Bike Tours Featured on USA Today

“Thanks to DuVine Cycling & Adventure Co., wine fans gain a deeper understanding of their favorite California winemaking regions by seeing the varied landscapes up close and personal via two-wheeled treks. Will new wine experiences make your travel agenda for 2017? Grab a glass of your favorite vino and sip your way through our slideshow. […]

WG_Logo-1130x300 DuVine’s Southern Spain Bike Tour Featured in Well + Good

“You’ll never be satisfied with indoor cycling again once you’ve taken this tour with DuVine, during which you’ll bike through olive groves, mountain ranges, gorges, and natural park land from Granada to the sea. Rest breaks take place in charming Spanish villages that aren’t on the usual tourist maps—like the market town of Rute, historic Ronda, and the whitewashed […]

wine-enthusiast DuVine’s Provence Bike Tour Featured in Wine Enthusiast

“Biking through the region provides opportunities to take in the stunning scenery and burn off calories. For a splurge, DuVine can customize a private tour. Art fans and outdoorsy types alike will appreciate a stroll near Mont Sainte-Victoire, the majestic peak featured in dozens of paintings by Paul Cézanne…” Read the full article here.