Tour Guide

Alex Santangelo

Languages Spoken: English, German, Italian

Hometown: Stio, Cilento, Italy

Guide Since: 2023


Along the coastal road of Maratea and up to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer


Pasta e fagioli


100% Aglianico wines and, after lunch, wild fennel liqueur


In any of the small ports along the coast of Cilento National Park

Cycling has been Alex’s favorite sport since he was a child. The semi-deserted roads of the Cilento National Park—where he grew up and still lives—have fueled this passion over the years, even when life has pushed him to take care of other things. Alex graduated in Economics and then worked in the field for several years. Ten years ago, he returned to his hometown to start his own bean farm.

What he likes most about DuVine is the emphasis on riding in relatively unknown places and the great importance given to connecting with the local people in those places. What Alex carries with him is the desire to keep the passion of his childhood alive, to travel the world by bike, and to introduce people from all over the world to the region in which he lives.