Tour Guide

Bertrand Lecerf

Languages Spoken: English, French

Hometown: Bidart, France

Guide Since: 2023


Along France's Atlantic coast all the way to the Pyrénées mountains


Anything seasonal, fresh, and local—like my grandma's zucchini fritters


A refreshing local IPA after a late-afternoon ride


Anywhere in the mountains surrounded by a natural playground

Bertrand’s first bike was a tiny green old-school Motobecane, which he started riding when he was three years old. Since then, he’s cycled every single week of his life—whether mountain biking in Pyrénées with his brothers, doing a triathlon during university where he studied sports management, or road biking with his father. After three years in London working for the Olympic Games and then in hospitality, Bertrand decided to return to France to work in the French Alps. Inspired by the blend of challenge and reward when recreating in the mountains, Bertrand draws a parallel between cycling and guiding and recognizes the shared essence of both pursuits. For him, the big feast rewarded at the end of a tough ride is super satisfying. As a curious and open-minded person, Bertrand loves to learn and share new things with guests on tour. After all, sharing is caring!  

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