Vice President of Product and Operations

Bobo Widing-Jonsson


Down East Beach Road in Westport, MA—right by the ocean with spectacular views


Any kind of sashimi: clean and simple, yet delicious


Negroni on the rocks is the perfect drink


On an airplane, since it means heading towards a new adventure!

Bobo, a native Swede, has spent her whole career in the sometimes-crazy word of travel. Before joining DuVine, she worked for the world’s leading educational tour company, managing teams and products in Switzerland, India, and Boston. Whether skydiving in Las Vegas or swimming with great white sharks in South Africa, Bobo’s thrill-seeking nature is always leading her off to unique activities and destinations. She has traveled all over the world, but the big ticket item on her current bucket list is to conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro (once she can find a brave enough travel companion)! Closer to home, you will find Bobo skiing the Vermont slopes in winter or challenging anyone to a round of golf in the warmer months— unless she is busy doing her absolute favorite thing: hanging out with her two young sons!