Regional Morale Manager



In a basket or personal sidecar along the shores of Cape Cod


Yes please


Chilled chardognay


The Ritz Paris, on the floor

Buckley was born in Georgia backcountry and spent much of his childhood traipsing north through Appalachia, including an extended stint in East Pennsylvania. Despite living in Boston for over a year, Buckley is still ever the Southern gentleman, and has lost none of his warm, Georgian charm.

Buckley has a nose for quality wine, devious squirrels and potential new friends—with two or four legs. Always up for an adventure, Buckley has traveled by bike, by sea and, perhaps his true favorite, by car driven by his personal staff of two. He’s proud to report that the only bug he has is of the travel variety, and looks forward to sharing his favorite spots (and toys) with you.