Tour Coordinator

Caiya Holmes


Through the national seashore on Cape Cod on a beautiful summer day


Fresh Wellfleet Oysters on my grandparent's porch and carne asada tacos from a street truck in New Mexico


Espresso martinis all day


In an igloo with views of the Northern Lights

Caiya was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico to adventurous parents who always took her on insane trips. From cross-country skiing in the winter to weeklong rafting trips in the summer, Caiya has seen just about all of New Mexico and the southwest. After college, Caiya decided to briefly move to Massachusetts to save money and spend post-college time traveling, however, her plans were derailed when she accepted a job in a luxury hotel in Boston. This job opened her eyes to the luxury of 5-star travel and the 5-star service necessary to run a business and connect with the community.

One thing that stays on Caiya’s mind is “where to next?” She believes the world is filled with many beautiful places to be seen and explored. We only have one life to live, so why stay sedentary? Caiya joined the DuVine team in January of 2024 and cannot wait to share her love of travel with everyone around her. So…where to next?