Tour Guide

Colby Lapointe

Languages Spoken: English

Hometown: Kennebunk, Maine, USA

Guide Since: 2021


Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake


California burrito


Root Wild Ginger Kombucha with Lemon and Cayenne Pepper


A sunny midday siesta after riding the first light waves

Born in Boston, Colby has spent most of his life around small New England towns in Maine and Massachusetts. He attended Phillips Academy Andover for four years and recently finished his studies in architecture at the University of Virginia. As a design student, he crafted much of his furniture and kitchen tools himself, ranging from tables to end grain cutting boards and chef knives. Since touring a frame building workshop at a local manufacturer, Seven Cycles, Colby has been keen on the craftsmanship and design of bicycles, while also enjoying riding them. As an athlete, Colby is a member of the Boston Hare A.C. Running team and an aspiring age group triathlete. He loves cycling along the coast of Maine and point to point ocean swims at sunset. With DuVine he hopes to explore new coasts, sampling the local cuisine and surf along the way.