Tour Guide

Dan Parker

Languages Spoken: English, Welsh

Hometown: Pen-Y-Bont-Fawr, North Wales

Guide Since: 2023


Scottish Highlands


Blue cheese—the stinkier the better—paired with a variety of crackers and chutneys


After a big ride, nothing beats a classic OJ and lemonade


Anywhere, as long as I don’t have to share a duvet

Hailing from North Wales, Dan developed a deep passion for adventure sports amidst the mystical Welsh mountains. From paddling rivers to climbing crags, and hiking to mountain biking, he found solace and excitement in the great outdoors. This upbringing instilled in him a lifelong obsession with exploration and a profound connection to nature, shaping him into the (almost) fearless adventurer he is today!

Dan’s passion for mountain biking led him to Scotland, where he found not only thrilling trails but also love and family. Now a qualified mountain bike coach, bike mechanic, and road cycling guide, he enjoys sharing Scotland’s stunning scenery with groups. When he’s not on his bike, Dan indulges in his love for cake, though his active lifestyle keeps the calories in check.

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