Director of Guest Services

Dimitri Zgonis


California Coastal Trail, starting in San Francisco and heading all points north


Grilled Barbounia (Red Mullet), at a seaside restaurant in Piraeus, Greece


Jack’s Abby Hopponius Union Lager, brewed in Framingham, MA


Lapa Rios Ecolodge in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Dimitri’s passion for bicycling began at a young age and has not braked since. Born in the suburbs of Boston, he spent his youth mountain biking throughout the woods of Massachusetts. His first major journeys were to Greece: in the Northwestern Mountains where his father was born, throughout the rest of country, and to its isles. His wanderlust has not waned, and his travels have continued throughout the United States, most of Europe, the Caribbean, Central America and parts of South Asia.

It was not until attending the University of San Francisco that Dimitri learned the joy of road biking and the splendor of the Californian landscape. He pedaled all over the golden coast and up and down mountains throughout the state while cultivating his love for road cycling, the region’s history, and unique environment. He was pleased to find the great opportunity at DuVine that combined his love of cycling and travel together. Whether helping to coordinate your tour or guiding you to his favorite California vistas, Dimitri is dedicated to bringing guests exceptional customer service on the DuVine adventure of a lifetime.