Tour Guide

Giorgia Facis

Languages Spoken: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese

Hometown: Pordenone, Italy

Guide Since: 2023


Slovenian hills on the border of Italy


Grilled scampi by the seaside


Friulano del Collio


In a tent

Giorgia began cycling as a kid to get to school. One day, instead of going back home, she decided to bike in the opposite direction and see what was going on there. Her parents found her late in the afternoon eating blackberries next to a pond. They weren’t happy—and she had to stay up late to finish her homework—but she still thinks it was worth it.

Giorgia later became a project manager and began working in communication, IT, and event organization which brought her all around Italy and China. She has a passion for theatre and enjoys teaching English. Since 2023, she has also worked as a food tour guide in Rome where she has lived for the past four years. She still gets a great deal of satisfaction from picking blackberries.