Travel Specialist

Graye Robinson


Through Annecy, France, otherwise known as the Venice of the Alps


Raw oysters with lemon and a nice mignonette


A French 75


I’ll sleep later, there’s too much to explore now

Graye (yes, like the color!) was born and raised in Massachusetts, and has always believed that travel opens our eyes–and our perspective–allowing us to better empathize with others who may look, think, or act differently than ourselves. She’s visited half of the 50 U.S. states thus far, and has traveled across parts of Western Europe and Belize for pleasure while spending more extensive time in southern India and Cameroon.

Prior to DuVine, Graye worked for the world’s leading educational tour company helping au pairs extend their time in the United States. When she’s not at work, Graye can usually be found playing fetch with her dog, Nana, trying the newest restaurants in Boston, performing a female power ballad at a local karaoke joint, or planning an epic party for one of her friends.