Tour Guide

Hans van der Hulst

Languages Spoken: Dutch, English, German

Hometown: Lelystad, Netherlands

Guide Since: 2015


On my 35-year-old Dutch-made travel bike with pots, pans, and tent in tow; blending into the pace of local life through the France Rhone delta


An espeto of sardines at a chiringuito in summer in Andalucía, barbecued over a beach fire


Archetypal southern Rhône wines like the reds of Cairanne and Rasteau—fruity, heady, and powerful


A tent on the roof of my German camper van, waking in the middle of nowhere to birdsong and the sunrise

Hans was born and raised near the southern point of the former Zuiderzee sea in the Netherlands. From an early age, he loved to spend time on the soccer field and in the water. He became a fanatic amateur soccer player and kitesurfer.

His professional career started in the banking business, first in consumer-to-consumer marketing and later in business-to-business finance. He became very interested in the value of the “waste” we produce as a society after a period of worldwide solo travel with a backpack or bike. He loved the open interaction with new and positive people. He became a mediator for a Dutch NGO and still works for the Dutch Kitesurf Association and continues mediating as a volunteer.

As Hans explores his country by bike, he continues to marvel that the landscape can change so quickly as the seasons pass. He can’t wait to share this with DuVine travelers and see their happy smiles that makes him proud to be a Dutchman.