Tour Coordinator

Jackie Boyd


Down Lakeshore Drive overlooking the deep blue water of Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Fresh seafood on the coast of Santorini, Greece


Wine tasting in Tuscany at Castello di Verrazzano


In a small hotel in the hills of Riomaggiore, the first village of the Cinque Terre

Jackie’s passion for travel began when she lived with various host families in Spain when she was only fifteen. After exploring the magical city of Dubrovnik, wandering through the beautiful streets of Santorini, and swimming in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Sicily on various family vacations, she knew her urge for seeing the world was unstoppable.

Due to her love for travel, Jackie went to Florence, Italy for a semester while studying Hospitality Management at Pennsylvania State University. There she developed a serious love for red wine and authentic Italian culture, between wine tasting at local vineyards and attending dinner parties in the kitchens of the locals she befriended during her stay. Since then she’s lived in Lake Tahoe, Chicago, and has now moved to Boston to become a part of the DuVine team. She can’t wait to use her passion for travel to help others experience a trip of a lifetime.