Tour Guide

Justin Wuycheck

Languages spoken: Czech, English, French

Hometown: Lansing, Michigan, USA

Guide since: 2007


Sveti Jure in Croatia: from palm trees to alpine forests in 30 km


I've been into chickpea flour pancakes lately


Water, then wine. Riesling is the truth and the truth is Riesling


Flocons de Sel in Megève for the food, the fireplace, and the alpine air

Justin got interested in cycling as a 24-year-old in order to maintain an 18-year-old’s metabolism, but quickly fell in love with long slogs up shoulder-less roads leaning out over distant river valleys. Before DuVine, he taught English and was a coffee roaster, finding the switch from coffee to wine surprisingly similar as both beverages have fanatic devotees. DuVine has given Justin the opportunity to bike, eat, drink, and sleep while making people happy; he considers it a privilege to work in such a positive environment. On tour, he’ll fill in details about castles you pass or the vineyard that’s 300 meters from the top of the col, but also loves to listen.