Tour Coordinator

Katie O’Brien


Along the shorelines of Cape Cod at sunset, heading toward Woods Hole


A four-course Italian meal in Rome’s Prati neighborhood or anything off the taco truck in León, Nicaragua


A cold and hoppy IPA in the sun, and a dry bottle of red wine over long, Italian dinners


In a casita on the beaches of Panama’s highly remote and native-owned San Blas Islands

Katie can’t remember a time that she wasn’t inspired by travel. After her first family trip to Europe in high school, she fell in love with the rich histories and breathtaking scenes across France and Italy. Her semester abroad in Rome was entirely fueled by the travel bug, with trips that took her everywhere from Dublin to Istanbul.

After she graduated, Katie’s passion for exploration propelled her to spend a month driving across the United States. Experiencing such a variety of cultures in her own country inspired her to become immersed in something entirely new. Shortly afterward, she picked up and moved to León, Nicaragua, where she taught English to locals of all ages. Now that she’s back in the Boston area, Katie is always looking for ways to keep exploring; she’s excited to help DuVine guests to do the same!