Marketing Copywriter

Kiira Walsh


Up to the Ashcroft ghost town under Aspen’s autumn leaves


Street food is my go-to wherever I travel


A chilly Tinto de Verano


My grandparent's cabin in the woods after a powder day

One thing about Kiira is she knows how to pack a carry-on like a pro. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Kiira was raised flying standby with her adventure-crazed family from Frankfurt and San Miguel to Hong Kong and back. Kiira’s love for adventure led her to study in Bangkok, Thailand where she studied business and practiced the “Thai way” of life. After returning to Colorado and graduating from the University of Denver, Kiira’s love for skiing and cycling inspired a move to Aspen, where she worked in hospitality marketing and coached youth skiing.

During off-seasons, Kiira cherished the solitude of solo travel. Whether exploring villages in Western Europe, experiencing the production of biodynamic wines in New Zealand, or immersing herself in the Berber culture of Morocco, Kiira learned to both savor traveling alone and embrace the casual joy of adventure without agenda.

Kiira believes that memorable adventure awaits beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone, and to never underestimate the pleasure of trying something new. She is excited to bring her passion for travel and cycling to the DuVine community and to play a role in helping others experience meaningful travel.