Senior Designer

Maria Qureshi


The Presidio of San Francisco by the Golden Gate Bridge


Shawarma—from gas stations in Dubai to my favorite family-owned restaurant in Worcester, Massachusetts


Mango black tea lemonade


On the rooftop of my family's home in Pakistan

Maria is a Boston native who feels lucky to have traveled to Pakistan at the age of two, six, and eight. From a young age, she has learned to appreciate the vibrancy of other cultures—from the people, food, and jaw-dropping soap operas. Since then, she’s traveled to 20 U.S. states, road-tripped to our kind neighbors in Canada on two occasions, and crossed the Atlantic to Dubai, Turkey, and Pakistan (again!). She’s thrilled to be surrounded by travel enthusiasts at DuVine and inspired to check more countries off her bucket list: Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand, to name just a few.

Maria traveled far, far west for college—all the way to Assumption College in Worcester, the Heart of the Commonwealth. There she pursued an education in Graphic Design and Marketing. She’s only just begun what she anticipates to be a long and enlightening journey of artistry. When she’s not daydreaming about all the cities she has yet to experience, you can find Maria roaming the aisles of her local craft store in search for her next creative venture, from knitting to painting to cross-stitching. You name it, she’s tried it!