Bike Mechanic

Maurizio Sabatini


Mountain biking in Corsica with my wife on honeymoon


Steak Florentine (with a glass of red wine)


Good quality Italian wine


On the beach

Maurizio was an electrical technician who loved riding his bike and when he met his wife (a very passionate MTB’er), he grew to love riding with her even more. After years of dreaming about owning his own bike store, he finally opened the doors to his shop in 2010. That same year, local DuVine guides walked in and asked him to service DuVine’s Italian fleet, and he immediately agreed. The Bike / Eat / Drink / Sleep concept appealed to Maurizio, especially as a way to experience his home country of Italy. Now, Maurizio travels as the mechanic on various DuVine trips, enjoying the opportunity to see new places and meet DuVine guests.