Tour Guide

Michele Mamede

Languages Spoken: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Hometown: Votuporanga, Brazil

Guide Since: 2023


The Mantiqueira Mountains—a 500km mountain range in Brazil with amazing views


Ramen, dumplings, and bibimbap


Sparkling water


Camping in the middle of the mountains

After joining a Critical Mass event in São Paulo in 2011, Michele rediscovered the fun of riding bikes. This was followed by daily commuting, long-distance road cycling events called brevets, ultra-distance races, and cycle touring. Cycling is her favorite way to discover new places. On a bike, Michele has been from Jalapão (a remote state park in Brazil) to the Avenue of Volcanos in Ecuador, the northern part of Patagonia in Argentina and Chile, plus different areas of the Mantiqueira Mountains.

Traveling by bike brings Michele so much joy that she is always encouraging people to try it, either by inviting friends to join her, organizing weekend trips for women, doing speaking engagements to talk about her previous trips, or simply giving tips to curious travelers! Michele was formally a journalist in Brazil before deciding to move to Portugal in 2018 for new experiences, including a career change. Before joining DuVine, Michele worked in banking.