Canine Resources Manager



In a Babybjörn as close as possible to my person


Pasta with red sauce (plus a napkin to wipe it out of my beard)


Une carafe d'eau—room temperature only


On a tabletop, snoring loudly

Milly was born in a puppy mill in Indiana. The first years of her life are shrouded in mystery as she relocated to Rochester, New York, and again to New York City where she was ultimately adopted. Forsaking her former name, Mandy, she started a new life in Boston in 2012 and quickly became enamored with the city’s plentiful parks, walk-friendly neighborhoods, and waterfront paths.

Milly’s discerning palate was developed over a decade of very close proximity to the ground, which enabled her to sample countless street treats. Her favorite flavor nuances include watermelon at the peak of summer, tikka masala, and shaved deli turkey. Since she much prefers the company of humans, she is proud to be a member of the DuVine team.