Tour Guide

Nicolas Mendez

Languages Spoken: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Hometown: Rocha, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guide Since: 2012


The trails of Garzón leading to a stunning view of the Anastacio lagoon


Typical Uruguayan asado


A cold beer overlooking the ocean from Cactus Restaurant


At the cozy Le Casa de los Limoneros surrounded by lovely gardens and peaceful nature

From a young age, Nicolas developed a great interest in travel and the diversity of cultures. In 1990, his curiosity took him to several countries in Europe and Asia, most of which he saw as a truck driver. In time, he visited Thailand, India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, and New Zealand—to name just a few.

While in Brazil, he hit upon his first ideas on how to merge tourism with adventure, nature, and good living. He began operating Land Rover tours that visited Indian villages, mountains, waterfalls, forests, and historic places. Rather than heavily touristic areas, he frequented the more remote destinations and picked up English, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese along the way. He returned to Uruguay to settle in the department of Rocha and work as a guide, his primary focus still on off-the-beaten path places and activities that immerse travelers in nature.

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