Tour Guide

Pedro Freitas

Languages Spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Hometown: Porto, Portugal

Guide Since: 2022


Tour of Friendship in Thailand


Olive oil-seasoned codfish with unpeeled potatoes and sautéed spinach




A nice wooden chalet in Zakopane, Poland

Cycling is a child’s first taste of freedom: Pedro started riding as a city kid during summer holidays in the countryside, and that passion for freedom never quite left him. Since 2012, Pedro has been road racing mostly in Southeast Asia, where he lived and worked as a legal counsel for 11 years. During that time, Pedro also enjoyed his own bike travel, including cycling in Taiwan with friends from different corners of the world. In 2018, Pedro lined up for the UCI National Championship Road Race Masters (Portugal) and placed 1st out of all individual riders. After relocating back to Europe in 2022, Pedro brought with him a desire to pursue his passion and facilitate meaningful travel for others.