Tour Guide

Ross Eustis

Languages Spoken: English

Hometown: Bronxville, New York, USA

Guide Since: 2021


Anywhere on the Blue Ridge Parkway


Oysters—the brinier the better


1982 Chateau Margaux


My friend Audrey's Chalet in St. Cergue, Switzerland

Ross fell in love with cycling during a three-week bike trip the summer after his freshman year of high school. On the trip, he biked from Bar Harbor, Maine through St. John, Canada and around Nova Scotia. He then attended Hampden-Sydney College and majored in History. Though he lost touch with cycling in the years between, Ross rediscovered his bike when running injuries re-introduced him to the sport he loved as a child. Before DuVine, Ross was a desk jockey working in software sales. DuVine has afforded Ross the opportunity to turn his passion into a career.