Senior Operations Manager + Financial Analyst

Sarah Broge


Crested Butte, Colorado where my love of cycling blossomed


Dark chocolate (and filet mignon)


Guiness with cider—shh, don't tell the Irish!


Under a clear starry sky in New Zealand

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sarah ventured off to Maine to attend Bowdoin College where she studied German—and after several summers abroad, discovered her love of culturally immersive travel. She lived in Berlin post-graduation and enjoyed her time exploring much of Europe. Upon her return to the States, she moved to Boston and began working for an emerging Natural Gas marketing company. Five years later, Sarah decided to transition her operations experience into a career that better aligned with her passions—but only after a 14-month travel sabbatical! She spent those special months adventuring around New Zealand, trekking through Southeast Asia, visiting Eastern Australia, and touring through Scotland and Ireland. With an enduring love of active travel, joining DuVine as Operations Manager is a perfect fit for Sarah.