Stefano Dari

Languages Spoken: English, Italian

Hometown: Macerata, Italy

Guide Since: 2019


Italy's Le Marche region for its history, countryside, seaside and mountains


Lasagna vincisgrassi (typical of Le Marche), fried lamb, and fish


A humble (yet delicious) glass of Passerina wine


With a group of friends where I feel free to be myself

Born in Le Marche, Italy, Stefano started cycling in his home town (and was the only student to endeavor to reach his hilltop school by bike). His father instilled in him a passion and love for cycling as a way to discover the streets, villages, and stories around him. He studied to be a Mechanical Engineer and worked several years in the consumer goods and coffee industries as a project manager.

Stefano realized that the bike—this beautiful invention!—could be the link between his interest in mechanics and his love for riding and enjoying life, places, food, and people. He’s convinced that life is about “becoming aware that what you see with your eyes, taste with your mouth, hear, smell, and feel in your soul is something that can bring you the consciousness that you are made for this beauty—something that can make you free and happy.”